Regular Columns

This is a list of regular columns which occur on the Holy Crop! blog.  Some are featured monthly, others on a longer interval. And as always, the Cropist reserves the right to write more or less often as subject content and situations allow.

Visit the column categories below.

Crop Shop

Crop Shop is dedicated to the disassembly of my thought process when cropping an image. I take you from uncropped camera capture all they way through my preferred finished image. I show you the crops along the way-including those that didn’t work and why.

Crop Tools 

Crop Tools is dedicated to my favorite software and hardware tools to aid in the image cropping process. Not all software/hardware will be highlighted. Like I said, these are my favorite tools Your mileage may vary.


ShareCropping is a new feature on the Holy Crop! blog. It will take an image submitted by a willing victim. Then the Cropist will take it through the paces to see if the image can be improved upon-or at least presented in a different way.

Crop Out

Crop Out features cropping stuff found on the web. When I come across an interesting article that relates to the principles of Holy Crop! I will post a link here.

Rikk Flohr © 2010

One comment on “Regular Columns

  1. Hi Rikk –

    Your presentation at Crosstown Camera Club was fabulous, informative with eye opening crop variations and entertaining. You are the complete package and your generous sharing of knowledge to the photography community is appreciated.

    Thank you, Judith Barat

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