Rikk Flohr


I am a  professional photographer, image consultant and instructor. My company,  Fleeting Glimpse Images, LLC, was founded in 1998. I serve the imaging community with a variety of services related to photography, graphic design and instruction. In addition to full studio operations, I shoot corporate events around the US. I’ve been a Community Manager working for Adobe Systems with many products – most recently in the Lightroom photography ecosystem.  If you are looking for Lightroom Live Support click here.

I was a featured-columnist  for CorelDraw unleashed magazine, writing about various Digital Photography and Image Editing topics. I teach at national software conferences like CorelWorld, the CorelDraw User’s Conference, PowerPoint Live, Presentation Summit, Photoshop World and Adobe’s Photoshop & You experience.  In addition, I regularly present at regional photographic societies and teach a variety of topics in digital capture, processing and workflow. My client list includes Adobe, Microsoft, CNet, NetApp, LinkedIn, Malt-o-meal, and many others.

Three times, I have served as Artist in Residence at Badlands National Park. I conduct various workshops, both in classroom and in the field on all aspects of digital imaging. Over the past six years, I have conducted a twice-yearly series of Badlands photography workshops. I currently serve as Field and Classroom Instructor for Worldesigns Photo’s Costa Rica tours and am a veteran of 16 photography expeditions to this Central American country.

You can access stock imagery from Badlands and Costa Rica at my stock site Stylistec.

Currently, I maintain two blogs: Fleeting Glimpse Images Weblog on all things imaging and Holy Crop! • a blog devoted solely to cropping of images.

My Artist Statement

I see the world and capture it, recreating it in my mind to match my singular vision and sole interpretation of reality. Beauty I seek, and beauty I intend to convey.

Holy Crop!™ is a Trademark of Rikk Flohr


5 comments on “Rikk Flohr

  1. Hi Rikk, we chatted about monitors following my presentation at the Adobe store a week or so ago. Would you mind if I contact you privately with a couple of questions? Thanks very much.


  2. Good Articles Rikk, Thank you very much for throwing some light on my doubts about the golden ratio.

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