3 comments on “He Cropped, She Cropped

  1. “… we first find the story and then carve away all portions of the image that do not support and strengthen said story.” That’s an elegant simplification, but it isn’t really the whole process.

    In this case Laurie’s crop works because the vertical thrust of the leaf and the vertical line in the wing are supported and enhanced by the vertical crop, with the stem at the bottom and the horizontal background leaf at the top acting as stops.

    Eye movement is another important part of the cropping decision that you’ve mentioned in the past, and which isn’t captured by the “story” description of the process.

    That said, I don’t know that I’d have found this crop myself, as I find that I avoid vertical crops beyond about 4:5 or 11:14 for reasons I cannot fully explain. I appreciate the reminder to look for these…

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