28 comments on “Holy Crop! — Lightroom 5: The Crop Enhancements

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  3. Thanks for the update! I love the aspect ratio overlay as I sometimes struggle with how it will look as a 8×10 vs 5×7 etc…

    Upright is also a feature I will be using on a regular basis. It;s great to be able to do this right in LR instead of having to mess around in PS.

  4. Thanks for an informative preview of what’s to come in the new LR5. Am looking forward to the Aspect-Overlays Crops, as I usually do this after I find out my crops don’t work when I go to the Print Module.

  5. I am really impressed by the new tools! The last two jobs I did needed those but I spent much time doing without.

  6. Hi Rick. I happened upon your site via a link in the comments section at Dpreview. I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. Why is there no 11×14 crop preset in Lightroom you think? Isn’t 11×14 is a fairly common print size. Maybe not as common as 4×6, 5×7 or 8×10, but common enough for enthusiasts like me who need to print this size to put in a 16×20 mat for competitions and exhibitions, etc. Thanks.

  7. Very interesting tour of non-headline features in LR 5! I also love the playful tone. It is all positive here, though, and i wonder if you got a negative voice as well.

    • I reserve negative tones for final releases. The LR5 Final Features are set in stone already (though we may not see them all via the Beta) and there is little chance of moving them. When 5 comes out in Final release, we can talk about the short-comings. As you might have noted, I wasn’t thrilled about the Aspect slider in Lens Corrections… I foresee many skinnier people in photos in the future…

      • Rikk, thanks. After a perspective correction, i find the Aspect slider useful. Because after editing out the Keystone effect of a building, it often looks to fat.

        I understand that some previous hobbyist software had a “Slim” or “Slimify” function (maybe that’s PS Elements) to make people slimmer. But they don’t deserve it, as they didn’t have keystoning to them in the first place.

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  9. Yikes! You are so helpful to a newbie that has never used LR before and is learning on this Beta version. Visualizing a crop is always trial and error for me. Naturally, I shoot for the framed composition and don’t intend to crop, but I do sometimes. Thank you. I hope I can digest what you’ve illustrated and use it wisely.

  10. Very nice article. That’s the most useful thing I’ve learned about LR in a long time. I went and played with hitting the “O” button and my face lit up!
    I do have one question. It seems like when I crop I’m stuck in a certain aspect ratio. If my final client product is online marketing the aspect ratio is less important then a better crop. But when I hit custom and try to crop it just goes back to as shot. I don’t remember having this issue with LR5. Am I doing something wrong?

  11. This was a great overview. Is there a way to add custom aspect ratios to the Choose Aspect Ratios? For one of my services I use 2.166 x 1.6 and would be nice to have this visible as well.

  12. I am brand new to Lightroom. I have just purchased Lightroom 5. What a monumental struggle! It’s supposed to “improve” my photographic journey, eh? Adobe wants us to buy it, YES YES YES, but apparently does not want us to learn it, NO NO NO! At least not without major frustration. It’s as though we who are new to this game are expected to be “punished” for not getting here (using Lightroom 4, or 3 or 2, or whatever, sooner. “Damnation shall be visited upon those of you of the Baby Boomer Generation who had the audacity to not being born later. Shame on you!”

    Well, so here we stand. Personally, I feel as though I should not be expected to have to pass a semester’s curricula of medical school in order to simply apply a bandaid to a scratch. Yet this is precisely the attitude and the approach which the geek generation insists is so effing sexy.

    I have never seen so much blather devoted to what should be an utterly simple task. In my case, I am talking about the crop tool for Adobe Lightroom 5. This is the most unfriendly, non-intuitive tool involving photo editing software I have ever used. I am simply trying to “crop” a photograph. I don’t need a custom crop, I don’t need a damn preset, I just need to crop. Yet Lightroom 5 makes doing so the most uninspiring, unintuitive, painful, difficult experience I have yet encountered in photo editing. I click on the crop tool, or its “keyboard shortcut ‘R’,”, and all hell breaks loose. I cannot drag and release and achieve what I want. I can only drag over a portion of the frame of a chosen image, not the portion I want, and wind up with nothing other than repeatedly having to go back to “reset” despite the notation on this very web site above, “no more crop resetting angst”. What Bee Ess.

    No thanks, I’ll go back to the old way. Sorry I wasted my money.


    • Oddly, many people feel that way when they first encounter the Lightroom Crop tool. After a day or two with it MOST people would never go back. There must be something to that because PS has adopted the LR style of cropping in their latter versions.

      Lightroom is a radical departure from the way photo-editing and management was accomplished in the past. There is a learning curve. The price for the curve finances the reward of hours saved and superior results. Stick with it, you will get there.

  13. Does anyone know why custom crop no longer works. I wish to crop to 252 x 201 to match up to a frame size that I use when printing A4 paper for camera club competitions. In Lightroom 3 I could have as many of these odd sizes as i wanted. In Lightroom 5 when I enter these sizes it reverts to 4 x 5 (8 x 10) and there seems to be no way around this.

    • This is a rounding issue in the software. Your crop is ‘decimally’ very close to 4×5 – close enough that Lightroom considers it the same. Even though I disagree with the Lightroom team this is reported ‘as designed’. I have requested a feature change but it will not help you short-term.

  14. That’s annoying Rikk. I just gave a product to a client with a specific crop. I dialed in the numbers and it reverted. Now that I read you reply I realize I didn’t give my client what they asked for. Where can I go and ad my complaint? Bruce, unfortunately it looks like you’ll have to do an extra crop in PS.

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