10 comments on “Facebook: Crop Your Images On Your Timeline For More Compelling Viewing–Finally

  1. When I reposition my highlighted picture moving it to the right to favor a poem that is cropped on the left side, it seems to work…then I click save. But when I refresh the page to see if it actually changed, it reverts back to the the original wrong position. It’s the same way every time I try repositioning it. Frustratingly, it was right the first time I posted it! then for some weird reason, the picture somehow repositions moving to the left thus cropping off part of the poem accompanying the picture. What am I not doing right?

  2. What I want to know is, “Why does Facebook crop images only on the mobile web and mobile app versions?” – Facebook doesn’t crop images on the regular web version and I see no reason for them to be cropping now.

    A second question is, “Why aren’t more people upset by this obvious bug?”

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  4. I’ve had mysterious cropping issues on FB too and one theory I have is they are using auto face-detection to determine what part of the photo “should” be focused on. All I know is they should simply have an option “FB auto-crop ON or OFF.”

  5. Is this option still there? I can’t seem to get to it from any of the edit buttons, either in the album or at the photo itself. Found your post via google; thanks!

  6. I don’t seem to have a ‘reposition link’ on my FB photos. I hover over the downward arrow on the post/photo but it is not a choice in the drop down. Do I need to change settings? Please help.

  7. It seems this option is missing if the photo is in an album. For photos in Albums you’re stuck with the ‘default cropping’

    • The photos I post to my timeline are being chopped/cropped to pieces! Help! There is no reposition photo option under edit on my photos. I have also tried different dimensions/pixel ratios recommended and to now avail. What do I do? I am a photographer and put a lot of photos on fb. Please help! Thanks!

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