3 comments on “Outcrop: Because Come Crops aren’t Set in Stone

  1. This is a great example of the improved process version in LR4. I guess it is time for me to upgrade!

  2. I do like the updated crop (and processing) better. While you’re playing with the newer tools, looks to me like about -20 points of Vertical perspective adjustment would straighten up that innermost tree on the left side of the frame. I find that tilt distracting, don’t you?

    • Interesting comment, Mark. I agree it looks different but not necessarily better when I correct it as you suggest.

      The information you are missing is that when I look at shots of the scene where the tree is in the center of the frame, it truly leans out that far in real life. This, of course raises the conundrum of changing perceived perspective flaws when they don’t exist. For that, beyond the artist’s sensibilities, I don’t have a good answer.

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