3 comments on “Crop Shop: Badlands Relic

  1. I think most of the visual ‘weight’ of the car is too low in the frame to be the main subject, against such a weight of sky.

    I feel you’ve framed/cropped this image with the sky as the main subject, and with the car and sun balancing each other on the edges.

    • Your comments may be valid but they also don’t take into account what else was going on. What you are speaking about is more of an in-camera framing question than a cropping question. There were limitations to the original framing.

      1. I would have liked a wider lens. I didn’t have one.
      2. I would have liked to compose differently but the car is on private property and I respect that. I stayed on the right of way.
      3. A different time of day with a lower sun in the sky would have been great but this was the time I was there.

      All of those features of the scene lent themselves to the ultimate in-camera framing. It was either shoot it like this or drop the sun from the image. That became a stylistic choice of mine. So this becomes about how to hold the sun, the car and the scene without going to far out of wack.

      The visual weight of the car is exactly where I would put it in any case. I am a big believer in weight. Heavy and Dark sinks. The car sinks. I could have included more foreground to make the car higher in the frame but there was nothing there but uninteresting grasses. They did nothing for the story.

      Cropping and Composition are always a ‘to taste’ proposition. Tastes vary. If they didn’t all our images would look the same.

      Thanks for the comments.

      • Dear Rikk Flohr,
        I love your explanation very much in systematic and easy-to-understand manner. In the context of the sample, i find the golden spiral overlay spaces the sun perfectly. Am i right? I think the visual weight looks ok since the sun is further away to the edge compared to bigger object like car, which is nearer to center. Very nice and pretty photo.. Care to create a page on how we take and process this photo ;D

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