2 comments on “Vertical Leap! TO THE EXTREME!!! Apparently Not!

  1. In your 2:1 umbrella shot, are you cropping for or cropping into? It looks like you chose that crop to avoid the car on the left and the black bit on the right, rather than because the subject wanted that shape.

    Your crop is a good crop — the low camera position coupled with the panoramic vertical crop emphasizes her height, while the umbrella keeps the eyes from going off the top and the building at the bottom gives interest and a stopping point to the bottom. But she’s on the right looking left, and I feel like more space on the left would help open up her gaze.

    Is cropping around distractions another form — neither “for” nor “into”?

    • Not cropping into anything-except perhaps my own OCD. I cropped by hand and saw I was only a few pixels from 1:2 so I just neatened it up to round numbers.

      Distractions drove me somewhat but more so using the umbrellas as a horizontal bounds. I wanted to show the dry in the rainy background more than the rain on the sides. Cropping solely to remove distractions – rather than to strengthen classical subject composition is an interesting consideration. Cropping for: in: and against:?

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