One comment on “That’s It–You’re Grounded!

  1. Found your blog yesterday and read the past few years of it.

    Just saw this entry. When you talked about how we “photograph the shadow of the earth” it made me get lost in a daydream about the poetry of your words because yes…. I followed you! : Every shadow we see IS made by the earth (or something on the earth.) Night is, in fact, the shadow of the earth upon us. Every blade of grass eclipses the sun to an entity sitting in its shadow. Wow. Nice. And then I daydreamn’t about the definitions of the word eclipse, and on and on. You know, normal life thinking.

    Then I saw you next paragraph which said, “I also like it because it enhances the shadow of the curvature of the earth much better than the narrower crop above.” The photo shows the moon which looks almost full but on closer inspection is a bit gibbous, I believe. Huh!?, thought I? Oh, I get it! The first paragraph didn’t contain poetry after all. It was simply evidence of a misunderstanding of the moon and what makes for its visual variation.

    Maybe you’ve figured it out by now, but if not, look it up! Or maybe I misinterpreted you. Please let me know if I have.


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