3 comments on “ShareCropping: Mark Sirota’s “Sunset Couple”

  1. Thanks, Rikk! Interesting to me that you never considered something similar to my final crop: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mark_sirota/4769432311/

    It’s 3:1, but I left a little more on the top and right to give a bit more expansiveness and peacefulness. Certainly I ended up with the sun more centered, which is probably why you rejected that approach early on.

    I think I’d like your final 2:1 crop best for a small print, my final 3:1 crop for a big print.

    • Just because I didn’t mention it doesn’t mean I didn’t consider it! There are about a half dozen crops I snapshotted in LR but never made the article. I had a lot of fun with the image, Mark.

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