3 comments on “Ultra-cropping

  1. Nice job Rikk. I like the ultra crop you did here. It took a portrait and turned it in to a more interesting image. Love the pattern of red feathers.

  2. While I’ve liked all the previous posts I’ve read so far this one really stood out to me because as an amateur photographer with a pocket sized camera almost all my photos require this sort of treatment. I’m always hoping to draw out some portion of each image to be what I’d consider a keeper.

    Very nicely done.

  3. Thanks for your very good examples in support of this approach to cropping. (I laughed out loud when you compared your bird eye to an elephant’s. Exactly!)
    I love to do this kind of cropping serendipitously, but I’ve memorized your steps to actually plan to do this kind of cropping — especially the tip about the focus plane.
    I haven’t seen elsewhere any discussion of the relative size of full-“frame” camera capture data versus the size of the cropped output — in this case your observation that you began with 21 megapixels to produce your 3 megapixel photo. So thanks for that — I think I do need more pixels.

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