7 comments on “Crop Tools: Corel – PaintShop Photo Pro X3’s Perspective Correct

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  2. Paintshop Photo Pro X3 tool seems a lot like Dxo perspective correction.
    It would be great if you could add also Dxo to your comparison 🙂

    • I am uncertain how long that Dxo has had their perspective tool. I know the tool has existed in PSP back to the Jasc days which is at least 2004. In any case, I find when I poll students in my image editing classes that there are many PS, PSP, PSE, Picassa and Gimp users (in decending order) but few Dxo users (I have never actually knowingly met one). I may be including Dxo in future editions of Crop Tools, however.

      Thanks for the comment.

  3. Just a couple of points, if I may.

    First Corel bought PSP from Jasc when it was at version 9. The first Corel branded version was PSP X.

    The Perspective Correction tool has a setting to automatically crop the image or not. There are times that you don’t want the image cropped automatically when a bit of cloning can first be applied to save some details.

  4. You always may, Gene.

    You are right about V9. I looked it up and 9 came out in Mid 04 and Corel bought Jasc in September of that year.

    As for the Auto-crop setting. In 5 years of using it, I have never found a reason not to want to crop immediately. I can see why you might want to clone from those discarded areas but can’t recall ever actually doing it.

  5. I downloaded the trial and the perspective correction feature is indeed clever.
    Unfortunately, where the software falls short (rendering it almost unusable for me) is the horrible interface.
    Hopefully Corel will adress this issue as PaintShop has potent features

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