6 comments on “The Second Stage of Crop: Correction

    • The examples shown are from Photoshop CS4’s Lens Correction Tool. (I actually like PSP’s Lens tool better in use but the PS tool demos the grid so nicely)

      I have used PT Lens in the past. It works as a plugin from PhotoShop and as an External Editor from Lightroom Ver 2.x. It has the newer PS architecture so it won’t work on PhotoPaint and PSP afaik. Tom Hogarty has announced that most of this functionality will be included in LR 3.0 and Adobe CR 6.1. The need for PT Lens from those applications will likely diminish as I will do everything in LR first before going to an image editor.

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  2. Appreciate the info, Rikk. I can use it in LR2 (Doubt I’ll upgrade to LR3 or PS C5) Worth considering based on my playing with the trial version.

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